Sangster international airport Montego Bay

One of the two major airports in Jamaica is the Sangster International Airport Jamaica (MBJ). It is classified as the leading gateway for tourism as the majority of visitors that travels to the island arrive at this location.

Jamaica is the most desired and beautiful destination spot in the world and every year increasingly travelers from all over the world are engrossed by the magic of the island, its world class facilities and its rich history.

Jamaica was once home to notorious pirates and buccaneers, but today it is well known for its one of a kind appeal with its rugged interior and scenic beauty. You can find this island in the central part of the Caribbean, which is about five hundred and fifty miles to the south of Florida.

Travelers come to this island for the tropical climate, the luxurious resorts, attractions and activities, in addition to enjoy the spectacular mountains combined with the unparalleled beauty of the alluring beaches adjoining the blue green waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The resorts also fascinate travelers as they have similar features but each has its own unique flavor that gives visitors the chance to experience different types of vacation. One could say that the Sangster International Airport Jamaica (MBJ) has an ideal location as it is in the centre of main tourism areas on the north coast of Jamaica.

It is close to an extensive collection of attractions, activities, resorts and hotel facilities. The major resort towns of Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego has easy access to this airport as it is within driving distance; it is also close to the cruise ship ports of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

When you are booking for your all-inclusive vacation packages, you will find great deals from some of the luxury resorts that will offer you free airport transfers in your package. This is very convenient for travelers as it eliminates the need to look for transportation that would add to the expense of your trip.

However, if this is not included in your vacation package you can rent cars from reputable companies that are located on the grounds of the airport. In addition to that, you can also get taxi cabs from companies that operate from the airport and will take you to your accommodations safely.

The airport offers modern facilities and you can indulge in shopping from an excellent collection of shops with exhibits of products which includes specialty items, designer brands and duty free shopping. This is very convenient for persons who did not have the time to visit some of the local craft market or in-bond stores for their souvenirs and other beautiful Jamaican items.

The Sangster International Airport Jamaica (MBJ) has facilities and service that every travel can appreciate. In addition to the exciting shopping facilities, you also have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of opulent dishes from the assortment of dining options in a relaxed setting.

This is perfect for persons who have to spend long period of time at the airport or if they can’t enough of the delectable cuisines. You have the option of quick or full service dining and can indulge in island specialties, authentic Jamaican dishes and much more.